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Call That Snow…

Posted by Big Boo on February 9th, 2009

snowmanAs anyone who lives in the UK will be aware, the entire country seemed to grind to a halt last week.  Schools closed, London buses and underground stopped running and the roads and trains were severely affected too.  The cause of all this mayhem?  A few flakes of snow.

Now, I know that there were some areas of the country that were severely hit by the snow, but round where I live this massive snowfall amounted to about an inch worth of snow! Big whoop!  Now, back when I were a lad (cue the music from the Hovis ads) that was considered a small snowfall.  I certainly remember going out in the snow when I was still at primary school and the snow coming over the top of my wellington boots in places, so I have to wonder why everything was so badly affected.

I guess part of the reason is that these days there are far more people who work a great distance from home, and also a great many more cars on the roads, so that explains some of it, but I do find it rather depressing that London was so severely crippled.

Oh well, nothing I can do about it I suppose, so to brighten my mood here are my top memories of the snow from my childhood, in no particular order.

Deep Snow – As mentioned earlier we sometimes had snowfall that was measured in feet, not inches, so it was great fun trudging through deep snow leaving massive tunnels in the snow where my legs had been.

Making Snowmen – Whenever it snowed you had to build a snowman, its an unwritten law of childhood.  I remember rolling a massive ball of snow around the garden, picking up all the snow so that the grass was clearly visible again.  The only problem we had was that our snowmen often ended up with a strange brown marbled effect.  We had a pet dog y’see…

Sledging – My Dad built us a sledge out of wood and managed to get some aluminium from somewhere to add runners to the bottom to make it slide better.  Me and my sister had great fun dragging each other up and down the road on it, and then getting our parents to drag both of us.  I think we even managed to get Mum to drag us to school on it once!

Listening to the Radio for School Closures – Wake up, there’s snow on the ground.  Get excited!  Turn on the local radio station.  D’oh!  Every school in the area closed due to the snow except mine.  Go to school, have snowball fights at lunchtime, come home, snow is now turning to slush.  No time for a snowman…

Snowball Fights – Lots of fun with a group of mates at school, but watch out for the nasty kids who embedded stones in their snowballs.

Picture accompanying this post created via the rather nifty online Snowman Construction Kit!