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Posted by Big Boo on February 26th, 2009

filofaxThe Filofax became an indispensable item for many in the 1980’s, especially with the group of people known as Young Urban Professionals, or rather less glamourously put, Yuppies.

Before we had iPhones and PDAs the best way to keep yourself organised whilst dashing between meetings was to get yourself a personal organiser, and if you didn’t want to be a laughing stock in the boardroom you’d better make sure it was a Filofax that you used.

Of course, all the Filofax really amounted to was a cross between a diary and a ring binder.  The decent ones cost an arm and a leg, and were covered in leather to keep them in good condition, and had a popper or clasp of some sort to keep them closed.  Imitation personal organiser were covered in faux leather or worse still, plastic…

Inside there was a ring binder mechanism with multiple rings to prevent the pages falling out too easily due to wear and tear from riffling through them.  When you bought a new Filofax you would generally always have a diary of some kind, since this was their core purpose.  Diary sheets were available in just about any format you can think of, from day to a page through all the various possibilities to month to a page and beyond.

But it didn’t stop just at diary sheets.  Oh no!  The more obvious additional insert pages you could buy to customise your Filofax were things such as notebooks, address books, time tables and to do lists, but the range went on to include maps and tools such as rulers, magnifiers and business card holders.  All very well, but if you got too carried away you could find yourself needing a rucksack to carry the blessed thing around with you.

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