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Are you a Record Breaker?

Posted by Big Boo on March 7th, 2009

This week I wrote about the wonderful BBC kids show Record Breakers, so in keeping with this theme I want to find out how many of you out there have ever been part of a record breaking attempt, whether on your own or part of a group, and whether you broke the record or not.

If you have been part of a record attempt then please post a comment to let us all know what the record was. Doesn’t matter how daft it was, like the most number of fish balanced on your head or the most people belching the alphabet in unison, I’m itching to know.

Have you ever been part of a world record attempt?
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Have a long think before you answer the question though. My immediate reaction was to say that I wasn’t a record breaker, but then I remember taking part in an attempt to build the longest Lego model in the world at a Lego Fan Club day in Milton Keynes. Can’t remember whether we did it or not, but there was also an attempt at building the tallest Lego tower, which has since been beaten. For more fun Lego records check out this awesome page of ridiculous Lego claims to fame.