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Bird’s Ice Magic

Posted by Big Boo on March 18th, 2009

ice magicI was (and still am) partial to the odd bit of ice cream, and a bit of chocolate or strawberry sauce drizzled over the top only makes a good thing better if you ask me.  So how could you possibly improve on this?

The answer came with the launch of Bird’s Ice Magic, a new topping which to a kid literally did appear to be magic, for after you squeezed this stuff all over your ice cream it would set hard to create a crackable shell.  Clever stuff, and very tasty too!

Ice Magic also came in very interestingly shaped containers, which added to the appeal.  The bottle was cone shaped, and the lid had a wobbly edge that made it look just like a coating of the ice cream topping had been applied to it.  If I remember correctly it was available in Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Mint varieties, the latter of which was particularly good when applied to Mint Choc Chip ice cream!  There was another variety, as the TV advert embedded below shows, but I don’t know what it was.  Chocolate Banana perhaps, given it had a yellow lid?

Bird’s Ice Magic is no longer available in the UK, but fret not, for their is an equivalent product available in the supermarkets!  Silver Spoon make a range of ice cream sauces called Treat, and the Monster Crackin’ varieties behave in a very similar manner.