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Favourite Flavour of Ice Cream Sauce

Posted by Big Boo on March 21st, 2009

Thinking about Bird’s Ice Magic reminded me of when the ice cream van used to come round and all the kids in the neighbourhood would rush out to buy a Strawberry Mivvi or a 99. Personally I was quite partial to Oysters – I loved the marshmallow bit at the bottom of the shell. Yum!

Sometimes though it was nice to just have a little tub of the soft whippy ice cream drenched in one of those runny yet incredibly sticky ice cream sauces. Most ice cream vans had a selection of these for you to choose from, and all would offer chocolate and either strawberry or raspberry as a minimum. So, which flavour of this sugary goodness was your favourite?

What's the best flavour of ice cream sauce?
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