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Spot the Ball Competitions

Posted by Big Boo on March 24th, 2009

spot the ballIn a bid to entice readers newspapers have run many different types of games within their pages in order to get people hooked into buying on a daily basis.  Crosswords and more lately Sudoku are popular, and for a time every tabloid newspaper was running daily Bingo competitions (I’m surprised given the current interest in bingo websites that they haven’t brought this particular idea back).  One competition that seems to have died off now though is the Spot the Ball competition.

The idea of Spot the Ball was quite literally to spot the ball!  A picture taken usually from a football match was printed in the paper, but the ball had cleverly been removed from the image.  You had to mark where you thought the ball might be with a cross, and you could send the image into the newspaper to try and win a prize.  Whoever got closest to the centre of the ball was declared the winner.  Sometimes a grid was overlaid on the picture and to enter you just had to say which square contained the ball.

The trouble with Spot the Ball was that the ball was quite often in the most illogical place possible.  When the answer was printed in the paper you were sure that it couldn’t possibly have been in the indicated place.  If all the players on the pitch were looking to the left, then you could be sure the ball would be somewhere over on the right hand side.  If a player had just taking a massive kick at the ball then it was probably over his head.  You get the idea, except of course you don’t because I defy you to pick the correct position using any normal reasonable form of logical deduction.

Follow this link to a Spot the Ball game from the BBC website.  This one is quite fun as clicking on different parts of the images often yields some quite funny results.

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