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Sweet Cigarettes

Posted by Big Boo on March 26th, 2009

sweet cigarettesNow I’m normally one to think that the world is going mad when it comes to being politically correct about what things are called, but I have to personally agree with whoever decided that Sweet Cigarettes should be renamed to Candy Sticks. After all, whether you smoke or not everybody knows smoking is bad for you, and so giving children something called cigarettes is not really a good idea, is it?

That said, when I was a kid I remember eating many a pack of these hard white sugary sticks and pretending to smoke them, and it never turned me into a smoker, so perhaps we should give kids a bit more credit.

However, it wasn’t just the name that changed when Sweet Cigarettes became Candy Sticks. No, we also lost the little bit of red colouring on one end of the sweet that was supposed to look like the cigarette was alight. Strange they chose red as the colour, since I would say most cigarettes glow a more orangey colour when they are being smoked.

Oh well, they may have a new name but they’re still just a tasty and just as hard to break with your teeth, and you can sample them again for yourselves thanks to A Quarter Of.