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Kia Ora

Posted by Big Boo on April 8th, 2009

kia oraWhen I was growing up the range of dilutable fruit squashes available wasn’t quite as wide as it it now.  Normally it was a choice between orange, lemon or blackcurrant.  In order to get noticed therefore the different brands of these drinks needed to have some catchy advertising, and one of the best adverts for orange squash was the one for Kia Ora.

Whoever came up with this advert deserves a medal, as it was such a simple piece of work yet it was instantly memorable.  A little black boy in a straw hat is walking along on a bright sunny day, carrying a stick with his belongings tied in a bundle on the end, and a jar of orange squash.  The boy’s dog, somewhat bizarrely, lives inside his hat.  A crow in a sharp suit spots the squash and is hopeful of getting a glassful, but the little boy says “It’s too orangey for crows – just for me and my dog“.

Fair enough, thinks Mr. Crow, and in a last ditch effort too secure some sweet orangey goodness proclaims “I’ll be your dog“, and we are treated to a procession of crows doing all following behind doing various things and all saying that they’re willing to become a canine companion to the little boy as well.

What I find so amusing about this advert is that neither dogs nor crows are particularly well known for their fondness for orange squash, so it all comes across as being just a little bit odd.  To a young mind watching the advert therefore, this Kia Ora stuff must be particularly good if crows are willing to become dogs just to drink it.

A fine old advert, and you can enjoy it again below…