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The Big Yellow Teapot

Posted by Big Boo on April 17th, 2009

big yellow teapotApparently, there’s lots of fun for everyone in the Big Yellow Teapot, or at least so the television advert for this toy would have us believe.  I would probably say that not everyone would find it that much fun, but certainly most toddlers would have a ball.

Unsurprisingly the Big Yellow Teapot was a teapot that was big and coloured yellow, but this wasn’t for sticking your Tetley or PG Tips in for a bit of a brew.  Nope, the Big Yellow Teapot can only be described as a teapot shaped dolls house.  Quite why a teapot would be a good place for little plastic people to live in I’m not sure, but as houses go it was pretty well equipped.

Like most houses it had windows and a front door, but it also had a giant handle on one side and a spout on the other, which doubled as a slide.  You could poke the little people in the spout and they’d shoot out into the main body of the teapot, knocking the little plastic chairs and tables flying.  Sticking with playground fun, the lid of the teapot lifted up to reveal a little merry go round for the tiny occupants of the house to spin round on.

Just imagine if we did actually live in houses shaped like this?  It would make estate agent house descriptions quite entertaining…

For sale.  Charming two storey family home, delightfully decorated.  A must see!  Front door unusually hinged at bottom rather than side leads to front room area consisting of oversized chairs.  Entire front wall also opens to provide access to top floors.  No staircase.  Would suit those with high jumping experience.  Complete with chimney/slide and roof mounted rotating seating.