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Morris Minor and the Majors – Stutter Rap

Posted by Big Boo on April 20th, 2009

stutter rapStutter Rap was the only hit for comedy rap group Morris Minor and the Majors, a British parody of the Beastie Boys.  Where the Beastie Boys were famous for wearing the Volkswagen logo, unsurprising the singers of Stutter Rap favoured the rather more old fashioned (but quintisentially British) Morris Minor.

The song lyrics play heavily on the idea of trying to rap when you’re cursed with a stutter, and how difficult this is, and cleverly work in some well known lines from other songs in a twisted way, including the songs subtitle No Sleep Til Bedtime, which borrowed from the Beastie Boys, and the groan worthy line “he was going to chuck a bottle, he was going to chuck a can, chuck-a-can,chuck-a-chuck-a-chuck-a“.

The band members were Morris Minor, Rusty Wing and Phil Errup, better known as comedian Tony Hawks (no not the skateboarder – that’s Tony Hawk), Paul Boross and Phil Judge.  Tony Hawks wrote the song, and it’s B side track “Another Boring B Side“.  Ironically Tony started off as a song writer but didn’t do so well, so became a comedian and then struck gold with this song, which climbed the charts to number 4 in the UK and number 2 in Australia.

Stutter Rap opened the door for a sitcom written by and starring Mr. Hawks called Morris Minor’s Marvelous Motors, and was about Morris trying to keep his rap career going whilst running a garage.  It only lasted a single series and I have only vague memories of it.  I seem to recall it wasn’t all that good…

Tony has since appeared on many TV and radio panel shows, and also provided the voice for a vending machine and a walking suitcase in Red Dwarf.  He has written several books including Playing the Moldovans at Tennis, and Round Ireland With a Fridge, which tells Tony’s tale of hitchhiking around Ireland with a fridge (I kid you not) which he did in order to win a bet.

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