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Posted by Big Boo on April 21st, 2009

simon gameSimon was an incredibly simple yet incredibly popular electronic game that was launched by Milton Bradley in 1978 but was a mainstay of the early 1980’s.  It was based on the childrens game Simon Says, where a player is nominated leader and tells everyone else to perform different actions, but only when they say “Simon says“.

The electronic version of Simon went a little further than this simple playground game however, as it added an additional demand on the players memory.  The game consisted of four big illuminated buttons in red, green, yellow and blue.  Simon would flash the buttons in a randomised sequence, with each coloured button playing a different tone as they flashed.  The player then had to repeat this sequence by pressing the buttons in the same order.

If the player got it right, the same sequence would be played back again but with an extra random colour tacked on the end.  So the game continued until the player got the sequence wrong, which ended the game.

Simon featured a number of skill levels, which did little more than speed up the rate at which the sequence of colours was shown to the player, but it also had a game mode for four players.  Each player chose a single button and as a team they had to play back Simon’s sequence.  If a player pressed their button at the wrong time they were out, and the sequence played by Simon no longer featured their buttons colour.  This continued until a single player remained and was thus the winner.

Since Simon was first released it has appeared in many forms, including a mini hand held version and various cheap imitations by other manufacturers.  There have been countless home spun versions of the game written for every computer ever made (pretty much) and videogame fans are sure to have come across the concept more than once embedded in a larger game.

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