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KP Outer Spacers

Posted by Big Boo on April 24th, 2009

outer spacersKP Outer Spacers were corn and wheat based puffed snacks, similar in many ways to the more instantly recognisable Monster Munch.  As with Monster Munch they came is similarly strange flavours, these being Beefburger, Chutney and Pickled Onion varieties, but unsurprisingly had a more science fictiony theme in their shape.

Each flavour was represented by a different type of spaceship which appeared on the front of the packet but was also the shape of the crisps themselves, so we were treated to strange rings which were meant to be space stations, and triangular things that were meant to be rockets.  The shape ultimately didn’t matter of course, because they tasted nice and after all thats the main purpose of any snack, isn’t it?

They are sadly no longer available but over the years there have been similar crisps available under different names.  There were Alien Spacers and Space Raiders (both of which I think may still be available today) and I’ve certainly seen something called Transform-A-Snack recently, which appears to be different shaped crisps that you can slot together under the premise of making robot shapes.  At least that’s the impression I get, having never actually bought a packet of them.

One of the things I always remember fondly about crisps such as these when I was a kid was just how much better value they were than crisps seem to be today.  These days you buy a packet of crisps and they cost around 50 pence a pack (for a single pack that is) but when you open the packet you find a few crisps rattling around the bottom of the packet and a lot of fresh air.  Back then packets of crisps were often so jam-packed full it was difficult to open the packet without sending crisps flying left, right and centre.  Maybe I’m looking at things with rose tinted glasses, but I’m sure I’m right…