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Colgate Blue Minty Gel

Posted by Big Boo on April 27th, 2009

colgate blue minty gelBrushing your teeth every morning is of course vitally important for a healthy smile and using a good fluoride toothpaste is a must (and I’m not just saying that because I’m married to a Dentist).  As a kid though I always disliked brushing my teeth for two reasons.  One was that I found the mint taste to be a little too strong for my liking, and the other was that drinking orange squash afterwards made it taste funny.

The answer to my prayers was the launch of Colgate Blue Minty Gel.  Most toothpastes are just that white opaque paste, but some have stripes of colour running through them (just how does that work – ’tis witchcraft I tells thee).  Colgate realised that these coloured stripes were much more fun so made a toothpaste that consisting entirely of stripe (if you see what I mean).

Colgate Blue Minty Gel was a slightly translucent jelly like substance that was bright blue in colour.  Its minty taste was a lot milder than most toothpastes and it was a lot more pleasant to brush with because of that, plus it was blue!

Why did it only answer half my prayers?  Well, it still made orange squash taste funny if you drank it too soon after brushing, but then that happens with anything that tastes of mint.

An extra bonus to Blue Minty Gel was its advertising campaign, which consisted of a bunch of kids doing a pretty passable imitation of Madness.  If you don’t remember it then check it out below…