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Posted by Big Boo on April 28th, 2009

macgyverNow I have to admit I never really watched MacGyver, which I find amazing since its the kind of show that would normally be right up my street.  I think it was probably because it was on at an awkward time for me, because if memory serves me right it was shown early Saturday evenings whilst we were having our evening meal.  Apparently the show ran for 7 seasons but I don’t remember it being on that much in the UK, so I’m guessing we never got to see every episode?

Another reason I would expect the show to appeal to me is that the title role of Angus MacGyver was played by Richard Dean Anderson, better known to me as Jack O’Neill from Stargate SG1.  I really like Jack in SG1, so I’m sure I would like MacGyver, although it worries me slightly that two of MacGyver’s biggest fans are Patty and Selma Bouvier, the sisters of Marge Simpson.

Anyway, to the show itself.  Angus MacGyver was a secret agent working for the Phoenix Foundation, who was sent in to solve various types of situations in as non-violent a manner as possible.  Unlike Jack O’Neil, MacGyver never carried a gun, but was armed with his trusty Swiss Army Knife, a tool which came in very useful at various points during his adventures to help him build or kinds of gubbins and thing-a-me-bobs out of every day objects.  A bit like the A Team, MacGyver could have created a laser out of a torch, some toffee papers, two elastic bands and an old newspaper.

MacGyver’s ability to make something to get himself out of tricky situations soon became used in the series by other members of the cast to explain to others how they had got out of a scrape.  “Oh, he MacGyvered a solution” was all that needed to be said for people to know that the impossible had been achieved.  This phrase was even used by Sam Carter in an episode of SG1 as a little tongue in cheek nod to Richard Dean Anderson’s past role.

The show ran from 1985 to 1992 and also spawned a couple of TV movies, Lost Treasure of Atlantis and Trail to Doomsday.  There are currently plans for a new big budget film, but whether Richard Dean Anderson will return to the role of Angus MacGyver is not yet certain.  In the meantime, here are the opening credits to the show, where you can marvel at the size of MacGyver’s amazing Mullet hair style.  Maybe that’s where he kept all those objects he used to make his gadgets?

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