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Sherbet Fountain

Posted by Big Boo on April 29th, 2009

sherbet fountainBarratt’s Sherbet Fountain is a classic sweetie that’s been around for years and is still available today.  Sherbet is a sweet white powder that fizzes on the tongue, and the Sherbet Fountain consisted of a cardboard tube full of the stuff, with a length of liquorice stuck inside which is what you were supposed to eat the Sherbet with.  The idea was to lick the liquorice, then dip it into the sherbet.

Personally, I hate liquorice, so I used to give the liquorice away to whoever wanted it, then tip the sherbet into a bowl and eat it with a spoon.  Yum!  That’s why the Sherbet Dip Dab was really more suited to my tastes, as I preferred the strawberry lolly.

Having said that though the old Sherbet Fountain still has a place in my heart for its packaging.  A strip of cardboard was bent into a tube and wrapped with some yellow and orange paper.  The tube was filled with the liquorice and sherbet, and the end of the paper pushed in to seal the tube, leaving the stick of liquorice poking out the end.  This made the sweet look like a firework or a cartoon stick of dynamite, so you could get a good few minutes worth of fun pretending to blow things up before you got tucked in.

Only trouble is, Barratt’s are switching the classic packaging that’s been around for donkeys years to a new plastic tube. Whilst it looks pretty much the same there was always something comforting about that old paper and cardboard wrapper, and besides, surely paper is better for the environment than plastic?

In an attempt to right this wrong our favourite online sweetie shop, A Quarter Of, have set up a page where you can vote on whether or not you like the new packaging.  In the name of all that’s good and pure I implore you to lend your support to their campaign!  The following link will take you to the voting page, and whilst you’re on the site, why not pick up a few Sherbet Fountains for old times sake!