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Alias The Jester

Posted by Big Boo on May 1st, 2009

alias the jesterOver the years the good people at animation house Cosgrove Hall have produced some of my favourite childhood TV series.  From Chorlton and the Wheelies to DangerMouse they produced some of the shows that people my age look back on with immense fondness.  However, todays post is about one of their shows that you might not remember, and that is Alias the Jester.

Alias the Jester only lasted a single series of 13 episodes starting back in 1985, so that’s why you might not recognise it.  It wasn’t a bad cartoon by any means, but somehow it lacked that spark that their other shows had, and I think the main reason for that is purely because the main character himself wasn’t really very interesting to look at.  He’s the one in the jesters uniform, funnily enough.

Alias (voiced by the British institution that is Richard Briers) was actually a time traveller whose ship broke down leaving him stranded in medieval times.  In order to fit in he took a job as a jester in King Arthur’s court (and no, I don’t think it was that King Arthur, you know, the one with Excalibur and the Round Table) but when crisis came he could instantly revert to his red suit which gave him special powers including the ability to fly and have increased strength.  He was also accompanied by Boswell, who was obviously some kind of strange space dog (he was green), but he was a faithful companion who helped out when needed.

Alias befriended Meredith, Arthur’s court wizard, who believed Alias to be the mythical Red Knight, a hero he thought he had summoned to help King Arthur out of trouble.  As it happened it was just coincidence that Alias happened to crash land at the instant Meredith was casting his summoning spell.

I certainly remember watching Alias the Jester when it first aired, but the show didn’t make a big impression on me I’m sorry to say. If you were a fan or would like to check it out for yourself it is available on DVD, and there were also a number of Alias books published as well that you might be able to track down.

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