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Caramel Wagon Wheels Spotted!

Posted by Big Boo on May 7th, 2009

caramel wagon wheelsWhilst doing the weekly grocery shop the other day I happened across a packet of caramel flavour Wagon Wheels. What especially caught my eye was that this variety was packaged in the old fashioned gold foil wrap that Wagon Wheels used to come in.

Now I’m quite partial to the odd Wagon Wheel (especially the jammy variety), so a pack soon found their way into my trolley because I wanted to find out if this Caramel variety were the same ones I remembered from my childhood.  You see, I distinctly remember there being a flavour of Wagon Wheel known as “Big Country”, but I remember them as having a brownish coloured mallow layer and having a butterscotch kind of taste.

Sadly, I don’t think the Caramel variety is the same thing as the Big Country ones, but they are still very nice and indeed are an old variety that used to exist at some point, as it says so on the wrapper.  It also says that Wagon Wheels were launched in the 1940’s when Western movies were still popular, and kids up and down the land still used to play Cowboys and Indians (or Interlopers and Native Americans as it perhaps would be called these days?).  Informative as well as tasty eh?

All this makes me wonder whether kids today still play Cowboys and Indians?  I would guess not, as I think that was beginning to go out of vogue when I was little.  I remember having a cowboy dress up costume and hat, and would run around shooting my cowboy revolver, which of course was loaded up with a string of pink paper caps – I wonder if you can even get those anymore?