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Posted by Big Boo on May 8th, 2009

sticklebricksI remember loving my Sticklebricks when I was but a toddler, and still enjoyed playing with them with my sister when she was the right sort of age for them. For little hands Sticklebricks were probably the best building toy out there, dare I say it even better than Duplo (or Big Lego as we always called it) as they were easier to push together. You didn’t really need to be too accurate with them thanks to their unique design.

Sticklebricks were made from a hard wearing but flexible plastic, unsurprisingly in a variety of bright primary colours. The faces of the bricks were covered in hundreds of little plastic prongs, which were sized such that when you pushed the prongs of two bricks together they stuck, yet were still very easy to pry apart if you wanted to change your latest masterpiece.

They came in a range of different sizes, from long rectangles through squares and triangles to thin fingers, which in our set were yellow and always reminded me of the toffee fingers in Quality Street chocolates. There were also rotating wheels which could stick on the sides of blocks in order to build cars and other vehicles, and little round plastic discs which made excellent eyes!

Sticklebricks disappeared from our shelves sometime around the early 1990’s if I remember correctly, but I’m pleased to say they’re available again now and look just as good as I remember them, plus they have some nice new bricks such as little human heads (which are cube shaped!). For a monster tub of these cool building bricks pay a visit to the Amazon or eBay links below.

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