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Uncle Remus Play Kits

Posted by Big Boo on June 17th, 2009

uncle remus play kits(Image modified from original picture uploaded by unloveablesteve on Flickr – check out the website and book TV Cream Toys for more cool toys).

Do you remember Uncle Remus Play Kits? I have fond memories of these from my childhood, although I think they may well have disappeared from shops by the early 1980’s. No matter, I enjoyed them, so they’re being included here.

Nothing to do with the Uncle Remus associated with Brer Rabbit and the Disney movie Song of the South, Uncle Remus toys were more often than not craft kits of some kind or another, and were more likely to be found in newsagents than in toy shops, hanging on one of those rotunda stands that shops sometimes have. They were fairly cheap but ever so cheerful, and were the perfect rainy afternoon distraction. They came for the most part in cardboard wallets with a distinctive logo consisting of a friendly looking balding old man pointing at the word REMUS.

One of my favourite kits that I had as a child was one where you made a picture, a tiger in my case, from little bits of sticky backed felt. You had to cut out funny shapes from a sheet of felt and stick them onto a paint by numbers style image of the tiger. When finished you had a fairly realistic image of a tiger which was also furry to the touch. The left over sticky felt could then be used for further art projects, or stuck on the furniture to annoy your Mum.

Colouring sets, model making kits and other crafty things of that ilk were all present, as were activity books, finger puppets, sticker sets and just about any other sort of toy that could be packaged flat and sold cheaply. There was something for everyone in the range, and it’s a shame they aren’t around today for my little girl to learn from.