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Posted by Big Boo on June 22nd, 2009

brosThink back about the band Bros. If you remember them then I bet you immediately think of Matt and Luke Goss, the blonde twins in ripped jeans and leather jackets. If you weren’t a fan then you may have forgotten that Bros actually consisted of a third member, that being Craig Logan. Well, I’d forgotten about him, anyway.

Bros formed in the late 1980’s, their first song being I Owe You Nothing in 1987, which only managed to chart at a measley position 80 in the UK charts. Their next release was When Will I Be Famous? the following year, which reached number two and started Bros mania among the teenage females of the country. Strangely enough, time has not treated this phenomenon well, as question a woman who was a Brosette in her youth today and she’ll probably look a little sheepish and try and skirt around the issue.

A re-release of I Owe You Nothing followed, which topped the charts this time, and they also enjoyed top 5 success with Drop the Boy, I Quit and Cat Among the Pigeons, the latter of which was a bit slower in tempo to their other hits which were a bit more pop/rock in nature. It’s fair to say that most of their well known songs had a bit of an angry sounding edge to them, like they were annoyed that everyone was poking fun at them, which of course the male teenage population were.

Bros also made an impact on the fashion world, with the somewhat strange concept of wearing the complicated looking lids from bottles of Grolsch lager on their shoes. One assumes they invented this, and they make a point of showing it off in the video for When Will I Be Famous?, which you can view at the end of this post. This became quite a craze for some reason (so I guess some blokes out there must have liked Bros then, since this was more a male fashion than a female one).

Craig Logan left the band in 1989, and sued the Goss twins for lost royalties to the tune of a million quid! He went on to become a producer for Kim Appleby (half of Mel and Kim – the girl group, not Mel Smith and Kim Wilde’s Comic Relief record), who he was dating at the time, and is now involved in music management.

Logan’s court case left the Goss twins in a sticky mess financially, and Bros started their descent from popularity not long after and the band finally ceased to be in 1992. Both Matt and Luke went on to have solo singing careers, although neither attained the heights they had achieved with Bros. Luke also started treading the boards in some West End musicals and now has a fairly successful acting career. Who would have thought that the slightly effeminate looking lad from Bros could become convincing villains in movies such as Blade 2 and Hellboy 2!

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