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Posted by Big Boo on July 8th, 2009

interceptorIf Treasure Hunt was cool then Interceptor was awesome!  Interceptor took the flying around in helicopters bit from Treasure Hunt but instead gave the helicopter to a real nasty piece of work who was known as The Interceptor, who was actually Scottish actor Sean O’Kane.

The premise here was that two contestants, one male, one female, were blindfolded and dropped in different locations by helicopter.  Each carried a backpack, one of which contained the prize of £1000, though we didn’t know which was which.  The backpacks were locked so each contestant had to first find the key for their partners backpack, then finally meet up to try and unlock the packs and retrieve the money.

It was the Interceptor’s job to try and stop them.  Looking quite villainous in his black leather trench coat and with a piercing scream, the Interceptor had various forms of transport available to him including a helicopter (piloted by his henchman Mikey), a sports car and a motor bike.  He was also armed with a special infra red gun, which he could shoot at sensors on the contestants backpacks to lock them tight shut, so even the key wouldn’t open it.

The contestants were helped out by Annabel Croft who helped them first find the keys and then find each other, but as viewers it was always the Interceptor that we were excited about, especially when the contestants often seemed to have less intelligence than the average team member on The Crystal Maze (a fine series from the 1990’s).

Sadly Interceptor only got a single series, which is a real shame as it was one of the most exciting television game shows ever made.  It has popped up on satellite channel Challenge TV from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled for reruns.  In the meantime here’s a clip from one of the episodes where the dastardly Interceptor, disguised as a farmer, takes a female contestant for a ride on a tractor only to zap her in the back when she gets off.  He may have been a villain, but he had class!  You can also find more information on The Interceptor’s Lair website, which is where I pinched the picture illustrating this post from!