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The Best Helicopter Game Show

Posted by Big Boo on July 11th, 2009

As I wrote about earlier this week, the eighties brought us two great game shows that involved helicopters – the exciting Interceptor and the more cerebral Treasure Hunt.  I enjoyed both a great deal, and at the time whenever I saw a helicopter go over in the skies I thought it might be Anneka Rice or Annabel Croft hurtling along in search of a clue, or perhaps the dastardly Interceptor.  Of course, it never was, but it would have been cool if it was.

Unsurprisingly then this survey is about these shows, and all I want to know is, which of the two was the best?  Vote away, assuming you remember either of them that is!

Which was the best helicopter game show?
Total Votes: 42 Started: July 6, 2009 Back to Vote Screen

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