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Ghostbusters Graphic Novels

Posted by Big Boo on July 16th, 2009

ghostbusters the other sideIt will probably come as no surprise that there have been comic book adaptations of the Ghostbusters over the years, although for the most part this has been mainly focused on the kids cartoons such as The Real Ghostbusters and Ghostbuster Extreme.  What may surprise you more is that there have been several more adult orientated graphic novels created, and even more surprisingly they have been produced with the past few years.

2004 saw the release of Ghostbusters: Legion byAndrew Dabb, which sits in a rather strange place as being set a mere six months after the Ghostbusters sent nimble little minx Gozer back to her own dimension, yet things like the Internet are apparently referenced.  I guess in principal there is nothing wrong with this, since Ghostbusters isn’t particularly tied to being in the 1980’s, but we accept it as such since that was when it first appeared.

The series was plagued with delays in its publishing schedule which saw it lose readership figures after the first couple of issues.  Whilst plans were made to continue this reboot of the franchise into a monthly comic this never occured and only the four part Legion series was ever released.

Last year Ghostbusters comic fans got excited again though with the news that another new comic series was on the way, entitled Ghostbusters: The Other Side.  In it the boys end up stuck in purgatory and have to make their way out of hell and back to the real world.  This series would appear to have borrowed heavily from the storylines and plans that Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis have been talking about for many years as being the basis for a Ghostbusters 3 movie.

Also arriving last year was a Japanese styled Manga comic adaptation of Ghostbusters, with the first book being entitled Ghost Busted.  As with most Manga it is drawn in black and white rather than colour, and is pretty long at 192 pages.

Since I have never read any of these I can’t possibly comment on whether they are good or bad, although general opinion on all of the above on the Internet seems to be that none of them live up to the greatness of the original movie, which is a real shame, but if you fancy trying them out then there are links to the relevant pages on the UK Amazon site below for the compiled editions.  I believe The Other Side has yet to be released in its compiled version, but the other two are available.

Buy Ghostbusters: Legion at
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