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Ghostbusters The (New) Video Game

Posted by Big Boo on July 17th, 2009

ghostbusters the video gameAs we near the end of Ghostbusters week here on Child Of The 1980’s it would be wrong of me to leave out the latest addition to the Ghostbusters storyline, that of the recently released Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

If you live outside the UK then you’ll probably already be enjoying this if you’re a Ghostbusters fan on whatever games console you happen to own, but in the UK you’ll currently only be able to play on a PlayStation console as Sony have got an exclusivity deal going at the moment.

I’ve been playing the PS3 version, and whilst I’ve barely scratched the surface yet I’ve had a whale of a time so far.  The graphics in the game are really very good, and the likenesses of the actors are surprisingly good.  At times they’re plagued by that horrible waxiness that human skin seems to be rendered with on modern videogames, but for the most part they look and, more importantly, sound like the original characters, and so they should since the movie cast lent their voices to the game.

You play as a new recruit to the Ghostbusters team, working alongside Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore catching ghosts.  Whilst being trained you accidentally let Slimer out of containment, so the first proper level takes place at the Sedgewick Hotel, a fitting first level as it lets you live out your fantasy of smashing up the hotels ballroom just like in the film.

With Slimer caught you then have to defeat the Marshmallow Man, eventually dangling over the side of a building blasting him with your proton pack.  When I first heard about the Marshmallow Man being present I was a little worried, given how he came into being in the film, but it fits reasonably well into the story and hey, who doesn’t want to have a go at defeating the gloopy sailor boy?

So what does the game play like?  Much better than I expected to be honest.  Shooting your pack at ghosts and laying traps to suck them is very well represented, and the effects of your proton beam really make you feel like you’re a Ghostbuster.  Best of all you can use the beam to wreak havoc on your surroundings.  Nice shooting Tex!  You even get a PKE meter and those cool night vision goggles which make everything look green and fuzzy.

I think the game play could become a bit repetitive as the game progresses, but as a fan of the film I don’t really care as the storyline, provided by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis no less, feels like a perfect Ghostbusters sequeal, or at least from what I’ve seen so far it does.  Indeed Dan Aykroyd even mentioned at one point that the video game could be considered the third movie.  The script is spot on, the delivery of the lines by the actors excellent and the fact that the Ghostbusters do actually look like the actors is just icing on the cake.

The graphics on the PlayStation 2 version of the game (and the Nintendo Wii for that matter) are more cartoony in nature, but the characitures are very well done.  I believe there may be some differences in the gameplay too, and certainly the Wii version uses the remote to wave your proton beam around, as you might expect.  The storylines are supposed to be pretty much identical though, so I don’t think it matters which version you get.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Ghostbusters you really ought to check the game out.  If you’re not then I’m sure you’ll still enjoy it if you like a good shoot ’em up game.  Check out the games trailer below…

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