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Double Agents

Posted by Big Boo on August 28th, 2009

double agentsNot sure if these sweeties quite made it to the 1980’s but they were certainly around in the late 1970’s.  I was reminded of Double Agents when my parents dug out some old stacking blocks for my daughter to play with, and I discovered one of the old promotional stickers stuck on one of them.

Double Agents were a series of small round boiled sweets made by Trebor, and were available in several different twin flavours, which is where the “Double” part of the name came from.  The “Agents” part referred to the packaging being based around the world of spies, with each packet containing spy tips printed on the inside of the wrapper.

Most of the different varieties consisted of a singular flavour of boiled sweet shell containing either a sherbet centre or a liquid gooey centre.  Think of Sherbet Lemons for the former and Lockets cough sweets for the latter, although of course Double Agents weren’t intended to be medicinal like Lockets are.

There were also Chocolate Lime flavours (I have a hankering for one of those right now actually) and Strawberries and Cream varieties.

For more information on these great sweeties, take a look at John Gardner’s Double Agents fan site.  Thanks for a reminder of the flavours, John!