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Which Was The Best Wispa?

Posted by Big Boo on September 12th, 2009

So it seems Cadbury are slowly but surely reissuing the old family of Wispa chocolate bars, given that the original Wispa has been on sale for well over a year now, and the Wispa Gold is set to return (or already has, given that I saw an empty wrapper for one today left in a shopping trolley).

This weeks survey is to find out which of the various varieties was your favourite, and who knows maybe if Cadbury are reading this they’ll bring your favourite back next? If you need a bit of memory jogging then here are some brief descriptions (assuming of course I’ve remembered them correctly):-

  • Wispa – Bubbly milk chocolate.
  • Wispa Gold – Bubbly milk chocolate with a layer of gooey caramel.
  • Wispa Mint – Bubbly milk chocolate with a layer of mint creme.
  • Wispa Bite – A Wispa Gold with added biscuit bits.
  • Wispaccino – Bubbly coffee flavoured milk chocolate.
  • Wispa McFlurry – McDonalds soft ice cream blended with Wispa bits (which interestingly was available prior to the original Wispa’s relaunch!)

To finish, before we get to the survey itself, here’s a Wispa related joke…

Q. Why did George Michael have brown lips?

A. He was careless with his Wispa!

Ahem!  OK, terrible joke I know…

Which was the best Wispa?
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