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TV Quiz Shows – Better or Worse in the Eighties?

Posted by Big Boo on September 19th, 2009

Today’s TV quiz and game shows seem to be concerned with glitz and big money prizes, but is this necessarily a Good Thing? You might be able to win a million pounds now for answering a handful of pub quiz questions but do you find these shows as entertaining to watch now as those from your youth?

The Eighties saw a great many classic game shows air, and on many you counted yourself lucky if you walked away with just a Blankety Blank silver cheque book and pen, a new dustbin or a tankard, Bendy Bully and a set of Bullseye darts. The star prize on many shows back then was either a holiday or a new car, or curiously on Bullseye a speedboat for some reason.

Today so many quiz shows seem to artificially add suspense to the proceedings by adding infuriating delaying tactics. How many times have you sat watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and started shouting at Chris Tarrant to get on with it?

So what do you think? Which era of TV quiz shows is best? The “super smashing great” Eighties, or the “is that your final answer” Noughties?

Were TV Quiz Shows better in the Eighties than they are now?
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