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Favourite Rainbow Character

Posted by Big Boo on September 26th, 2009

I was a little stuck for a survey this week, so I decided to get some inspiration by visiting a few random pages on this site using the new(ish) random post feature that I added a few weeks back. If you haven’t spotted it yet (I probably ought to make it a bit more prominent!) it’s at the bottom of every posts individual page, and also at the very bottom of any page with multiple posts (e.g. the main page).

Anyway, I clicked this a few times and up came the entry for the classic old kids lunchtime show Rainbow, so that’s what this weeks survey is about. I want to know which of the puppet characters was your favourite. For the sake of argument I’m including Bungle loosely as a puppet even though he was a bloke in a bear suit, but I refuse to include Geoffrey, Rod, Jane or even Freddy (even though they were a bit wooden at times – ho ho!).

Was it George the effeminate pink hippo (he was a boy apparently), Bungle the aforementioned bloke in a bear suit (who definitely deserved his nickname Bungle Bonce) or Zippy the yellow, er, thing with a zip for a mouth?

Who was your favourite Rainbow character?
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