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Accrington Stanley, Who Are They?

Posted by Big Boo on October 9th, 2009

accrington stanley, who are theyI defy anyone to watch this classic TV advert for milk from the eighties without putting on a Liverpudlian accent and joining in with the two little lads. It’s one of those adverts that have somehow got ingrained in the conscious of any Child of the 1980’s.

As mentioned the advert in question was on behalf of the British Milk Marketing Board (or whatever their official name may be) and was intended to get the nations youth drinking nice healthy milk instead of carbonated badness. Whether it actually achieved that aim or not I don’t know, but the advert was certainly popular.

In it two little Liverpool supporters open up a fridge looking for refreshment after having a bit of a kick about, although we only ever actually see the face of the milk drinker. His mate asks for lemonade, and then sounds disgusted when the over little lad starts pouring himself a glass of milk.

Unperturbed the milk drinker issues forth that the mighty Ian Rush told him that if he didn’t drink lots of milk, he’d only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley. “Accrington Stanley, who are they?”, the lemonade guzzler replies. “Exaaaccctly”, stresses our hero, and then has to fight off his friend who now wants some of the mighty moo juice as well.

So who are Accrington Stanley exaaaccctly? Unsurprisingly they are of course a football club, based in the Lancashire town of Accrington. The first Accrington Stanley team was created in the 1890’s and played in the Football League from 1921 to 1961, until they were relegated. Four years later that team was disbanded, but in 1968 it was reformed, and the current team have since battled their way over many years back to the second division of the Football League in 2006 where they currently remain.

But enough of all that. I know you’re just dying to see that advert again, so here it is!

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