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More Rewind, I Wanna Trio and a Knightmare too

Posted by Big Boo on October 14th, 2009

Today’s post is a bit of a round up, so covers a few things.

Firstly, the organisers of the 80s Rewind Festival that took place in August this year have let me know that last years event was so popular that they’re organising another for next year. Last years event has been nominated in the UK Festival Awards for Best New Festival, Best Medium Sized Festival and, perhaps less glamorously but no less importantly, Best Toilets.

The festival will be taking place in Henley-on-Thames on August 20th-22nd, and whilst no line up of acts has yet been announced, last years featured such names as Rick Astley, Bananarama, Gloria Gaynor, Howard Jones and Chas and Dave. As a sad aside the last band have recently split as Dave has retired from music following the death of his wife.

You can book tickets for next years event at the 80s Rewind Festival site now at 2009 prices.

Completely unrelated to music festivals are a couple of links I’d like to let people know about. Firstly, in a recent survey on this site I asked which eighties sweet you would like to see come back, and Jacob’s Trio came out on top (or at least did at the time of writing this).

Well, I was reminded recently by Matthew Deakin of the Facebook group Bring Back Trio Bars. Matthew is hoping to get a good number of supporters to his cause so if you have a Facebook account and were a Trio fan, why not join the group to lend your support?

Finally, another topic I posted about recently which seemed to strike a chord with many people was the virtual reality game show Knightmare. There are plans to release a Knightmare DVD but only if there are enough people interested, so if you would like to see this come out check out the following forum post on

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