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The Best 80s Cosgrove Hall Cartoon

Posted by Big Boo on October 17th, 2009

I’ve just found out that the brilliant Cosgrove Hall have recently folded! Please say it isn’t so. This company was responsible for some of the best British produced animated works ever made, and their work spanned both traditional cel animation, stop motion puppets and more recently computer generated imaging.

With the shocking state of British kids TV these days (with the possible exception of the BBC) it is disappointing to see a company that created many of my favourite childhood TV programmes being forced to close. Shame on you ITV, owners of Cosgrove Hall, for letting this happen.

As a mark of respect then this weeks survey is to find out which of the traditional cel animated cartoons produced by Cosgrove Hall in the 1980’s was the best. This means you have a choice of DangerMouse, Count Duckula or Alias the Jester, as including everything they ever made would make for far too many choices I’m afraid.

However, I don’t feel I can finish without mentioning some of my other favourite shows from the Cosgrove Hall animators. Sticking with the Eighties there was the beautifully made puppet series based on Kenneth Graham’s The Wind in the Willows, with David Jason’s Mr. Toad being particularly memorable. Other big favourites of mine from the Seventies were Chorlton and the Wheelies and Jamie and the Magic Torch. They just don’t make shows like those any more…

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