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Jimbo and the Jet Set

Posted by Big Boo on October 26th, 2009

jimbo and the jet setWhen I think back to childrens television of the mid 1980s I often end up reminiscing about Childrens BBC and the Broom Cupboard, with Phillip Schofield, Andy Crane or Andi Peters (OK, maybe not Andi Peters quite so much) introducing all those great TV shows we had back then.

The BBC went through a period of commissioning some classic cartoons at the time, what with Bananaman, SuperTed (if you liked this one, you’ve still time to enter our competition which has a SuperTed DVD as one of the prizes – but hurry!), The Family Ness and the subject of today’s rememberings, Jimbo and the Jet Set.

The titular Jimbo was a Jumbo Jet, or at least he was supposed to be, but when he was being built someone confused centimetres for inches and he came out half the size (or more accurately 39.37%) he was supposed to be. He may have been small, but Jimbo was big on determination, and would struggle through whatever task he was given to save the day.

Jimbo and the Jet Set was created by Maddocks Cartoon Productions (who also created The Family Ness) and was set at the fictional London Airport. The airport was managed by the grumpy, orange moustached traffic controller named Chief, who gave Jimbo some ridiculous things to do and was never happy with the way Jimbo got the job done.

Jimbo was joined by various other aircraft and pieces of equipment that you might find at an airport, such as his girlfriend Gloria Gatwick, Tommy Tow-Truck, Sammy Stairs and Amanda Baggage. There was even an old Wellington Bomber featured, called appropriately enough Old Timer.

The show first aired in 1985 and a total of 25 episodes were made, with Jimbo getting stuck at the North Pole, lost in the Bermuda Triangle and even helping Father Christmas to deliver his presents along the way. As with many cartoons from the era, it also had a highly memorable title sequence and theme tune, which you can view again below.

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