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Neon Socks, or Just Plain White?

Posted by Big Boo on October 31st, 2009

How many of you still wear Terry Towelling socks on a day to day basis? And I don’t mean for playing sport. I’m guessing not many of you do, since these days people tend to go for either normal socks or those funny little cut off trainer sock things.

Back in the Eighties it was a different story though. Terry socks were all the rage for a while back then, and whilst plain white were definitely popular (especially on school days) the penchant for neon coloured clothing meant a number of eye watering colours became available. They looked as if they would glow in the dark, although I don’t think they did. A shame, because they would have been an excellent way of creating the Dire Strait’s Money For Nothing video band shots, or indeed a good choice of footwear for going Trick or Treating, today being Halloween and all.

Anyway, this weeks survey is a simple enough one – which colour of Terry Towelling sock did you opt for most often?

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