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8-Bit Wedding Invitation

Posted by Big Boo on November 11th, 2009

8-bit wedding inviteI came across this cool image by Spanish designer Carla Berrocal this week and just had to share it with you as it’s a great example of early Eighties videogame art. One of her clients asked her to come up with a wedding invitation for them and the result was this great pixellated bride and groom.

The front of the card shows our block hero and heroine outside a church, with the man down on one knee asking for his true love’s hand in marriage. Of course there’s a little red heart floating in the air between them, just as there should be.

Inside the invitation makes use of the classic Namco arcade game font to let you know the bride and grooms names. It’s depicted like the beginning of a bout in a beat ’em up, complete with “Vs.” between the couple.

Not for everyone perhaps, but it’s certainly distinctive and makes a difference from the usual cream or ivory with pictures of wedding rings or champagne flutes. If you want to see more take a look on Carla’s website.

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