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Sooty, Sweep or Soo?

Posted by Big Boo on November 21st, 2009

Another simple survey for you this week, and you don’t have to just be a Child of the 1980’s to answer this one. In fact you could be as far back as a Child of the 1950’s! I wrote about yellow teddy bear Sooty this week, and as I’m sure you’ll know he has had two main companions for many, many years in the form of Sweep the dog and Soo the panda.

These days there’s also Scampi, another little bear who I think is Sooty’s cousin, but I don’t remember him from my childhood, so sorry Scampi fans, you can’t choose him on this survey. Quite why he’s named after seafood I don’t know…

Sooty, Sweep or Soo? Who was best?
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