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Vinyl vs. Cassette Tape vs. Compact Disc vs. MP3

Posted by Big Boo on November 28th, 2009

For many years the most popular way for people to listen to recorded music was the good old vinyl record, and even today audiophiles still seem to prefer this format due to its analogue nature.

Vinyl was a bit cumbersome though, and not practical if you wanted to record your own music, so the cassette tape was invented to solve these problems, and also allow you to tape the UK chart show off the radio!

During the 1980’s it wasn’t long before the average Joe turned to compact discs for their music, since they were both more portable and more hard wearing than vinyl, and didn’t get all chewed up in your stereo like cassette tape could. It took a few more years though before you could make your own CDs.

Compact discs are obviously still incredibly popular today, but with the advent of digital music file formats such as MP3 it looks like CDs are unlikely to have as long a lifespan as vinyl enjoyed. Indeed, many radio stations now rely on downloads to provide their weekly chart shows!

Of course there have been other formats for storing music over the years, such as miniDisc and 8 Track tape, but those listed above are without doubt the most popular systems.

To the point of this weeks survey then. Of the four main music formats mentioned above, which gets your vote as your favourite way of listening to recorded music?

The best way to listen to recorded music is...
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