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Rubik Cube Themed Goodies

Posted by Big Boo on December 4th, 2009

rubik clockFor some reason there seems to have been a sudden interest in creating Rubik’s Cube themed goodies. I’ve written on this site before about the rather neat little Rubik Cube Clock which combines a digital clock and thermometer into the classic look of a muddled up cube.

You can change the currently displayed function by twisting the top just like a real cube! The Rubik Cube Clock is available for just £12.99 from Gobaz. UPDATE! Gobaz have closed, and I’ve been unable to find another source for this.

rubik-cube-pepper-millThink that the clock is pretty unusual? Well it gets dafter with the Rubik Cube Salt and Pepper Mills available from Firebox. Again looking just like a real Rubik Cube (solved this time) the top comes off which you can fill with peppercorns or milling salt, then when reassemble just give the top row a twist to add your choice of condiment to your dish.

The mills come in salt and pepper varieties, the difference being that the top face is white on the salt mill and red on the pepper one. Each costs £11.95, and they are sure to be a talking point next time you have friends over for a meal, especially if you’re more the fish and chips on the sofa kind of a host!

rubik-cube-cufflinksFor the more dapper gentleman who thinks buttons on shirt cuffs are abhorrent, how about a pair of Rubik Cube Cufflinks, which you can buy on Amazon for under a tenner. I think these are a nice idea, it’s just a pity that they chose to make a cube with only 2×2 faces rather than 3×3.

rubik-touchcubeFinally, and I’ve saved the best (and most expensive) until last. The Rubik TouchCube from is the fanciest, most hi-tech Rubik’s Cube you’ll ever come across. The six faces of this cube light up to represent the cubes current state, and to solve it you simply swish your finger along a row and it will rotate magically around the cube. Follow the link above to view a little video of the TouchCube in action.

This brilliant little invention also comes with an “undo” facility, so if you make a mistake whilst solving it you can retrace your steps and try again. It’s also intelligent enough to know how to solve itself, so if you get completely stuck you can ask it for a hint on what to do next, or even get it to solve itself before your very eyes!

Great fun, and you can’t cheat by removing the stickers or breaking it apart with a screwdriver. Well, you might be able to do the latter but don’t be surprised if you can’t get the thing working again afterwards. This great little gizmo costs an impressive £89.99, so I suggest you get it on to your letter to Father Christmas as soon as possible!