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Get Yourself Seen!

Posted by Big Boo on December 11th, 2009

get yourself seenNow here’s another classic and much used public information film! The Get Yourself Seen campaign may have been created in the 1970’s (as the fashion and the presence of a Raleigh Chopper attest) but this ad must have been played many times during the 1980’s as it has been indelibly etched in my brain forever more.

The advert was aimed at cyclists young and old, telling them to take care when riding at night that they were as clearly visible as possible. I do cynically wonder though if perhaps the manufacturers of those highly reflective yellow and orange vests and bands were actually behind it in order to increase sales of something which can make you look a bit silly, let’s be honest.

What makes this particular ad so memorable was the song accompanying it, which was a very jolly little song informing you of the various ways you could improve your visibility. The afore mentioned yellow and orange vests were just one way. One lad in the film even goes as far as to wear what appears to be a jump suit made entirely out of tin foil. I think I’d rather wear the embarrassing vest thanks.

Probably the most drastic measure suggested was to paint your bike a brighter colour. “Take a brush to your bike, add some tape if you like“, said the ad, whilst a young man painted his racing bike with white emulsion and stuck on some reflective tape.

I guess if your bike was a wreck this might not be a bad option, but I certainly wasn’t going to paint my Grifter. Mind you, given it was silver I didn’t really need to paint my bike as it was bright enough already.

Anyway, here’s the ad so you can watch it again and reminisce!

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