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Lego Goodies

Posted by Big Boo on December 16th, 2009

lego walletFollowing on from the Rubik Cube themed goodie list I posted a little while back, I’d now like to present a list of interesting and quirky Lego related gifts. Thanks to my wife for spotting the first of these in the Metro newspaper, which is the Lego Wallet. These wallets are built to order by hand, and the bricks are glued together so it won’t keep coming apart in your pocket.

You can choose from a wallet made with either two Lego baseplates for the sides, or for a slightly thicker wallet the sides can be constructed from a variety of different coloured Lego bricks. The wallet opens via a sturdy zip which is glued to the two sides, which makes sense as I don’t think making the entire thing out of Lego would be that good an idea. They are available direct from ColorByNumbers, although last orders for Christmas have passed already unfortunately. Still, it’ll make a good next years birthday gift!

lego-scalesMy next Lego inspired item is great for those who love to play in the kitchen! The Lego minifigure kitchen scales.

They are made in the shape of a giant Lego man head, complete with comedy moustache! The scales can weigh in both metric and imperial, and will make weighing out ingredients when cooking a bit more entertaining.

lego-cookie-cutterKeeping with the cooking theme, and to accompany the above kitchen scales, why not also consider some Lego men shaped cookie cutters. If you’re a fan of Gingerbread men and Lego then this is the perfect combination! They come in a set of two cutters, male and female, which I find quite amusing since I don’t ever recall seeing a Lego minifigure in a dress? The scales and the cutters are both available from the Official Lego Online Store.

lego usb memory stickTo round up we have a couple of nice little items from Firebox. The first of these is the Lego USB Memory Stick which as you might have guessed is a memory stick in the shape of a Lego brick. Available in 2GB or 4GB versions and in three colours (red, blue and yellow), just make sure you don’t mistake it for a real Lego brick and end up with all your precious data in the wall of a Lego house.

lego torch manThe final item is a neat little Lego man keychain. You’ve been able to get a variety of the minifigures in keyring form for many years, but this fellow is especially nice because he is also a torch! Press his tummy and two little LED lights that are implanted in his feet will merrily shine forth, making it easier to get into your house at night when you can’t quite see the key hole.