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Breakfast… The Most Important Meal of the Day

Posted by Big Boo on January 30th, 2010

I wrote about the little toys and free gifts you used to get in breakfast cereals this week, and mentioned that my favourite breakfast cereal as a child was Coco Pops. To be truthful, they probably still are my favourite now, although I do like the odd bowl of Crunchy Nut Clusters with the chocolate flakes, although it is only the odd bowl because they’re too expensive and come in far too small a box.

Breakfast cereals have come and gone since the Eighties. Who remembers Kellog’s Start and the awesome Lucky Charms, a US cereal which was available over here for a while, before it was presumably withdrawn because it must have contained at least 110g of sugar per 100g… 😉

Anyway, this weeks survey is to find out what was your favourite cereal when you were growing up. I’ve filled in most of the usual suspects already, but go ahead and add your own if I’ve missed something you were particularly fond of.

What was your favourite breakfast cereal as a kid?
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