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Cuddly Ken’s Best Character

Posted by Big Boo on February 13th, 2010

I wrote this week about the brilliant Kenny Everett, so this week’s survey is to find out which of his many regular characters people liked the best.

Need a reminder of who they all were? Here’s a quick recap…

  • Sid Snot – The leather clad, cigarette flipping rocker
  • Cupid Stunt – The movie startlet with the big boobs who did everything “in the best possible taste”
  • Maurice Mimer – The mime artist who drew items on the TV screen with a big marker pen
  • Marcel Wave – The debonair Frenchman
  • Gizzard Puke – The punk with the massive spiky hair do
  • Marvin Bombtheba**ards – The US General with a penchant for blowing things up
  • Brother Lee Love – The preacher with the enormous hands
  • Reg “DIY” Prescott – The Do It Yourself expert, who was actually much better at Maim It Yourself
  • Angry of Mayfair – The disgusted city gent, whose suit had no back to it, revealing he wore womens underwear
Which was your favourite Kenny Everett Character?
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