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Jossy’s Giants

Posted by Big Boo on February 17th, 2010

jossys giantsJossy’s Giants was a BBC kids show about a struggling youth football team, the Glipton Giants, who were managed and trained by ex pro-football Jossy Blair, hence the programme’s name.

Now, I’ve never really been a big fan of football, but for some reason I enjoyed Jossy’s Giants. OK, perhaps the show wasn’t entirely about football and was actually more about the kids that made up the team and, of course, Jossy himself, but there was a great deal of on pitch action and cameo appearances by big football names including Bryan Robson and Sir Bobby Charlton.

The kids who made up the Glipton Giants were apparently picked not just for their acting ability but also for their footballing prowess, which showed as they did have to play a fair bit of football in each episode and they were pretty good as I recall.

Whilst many of the story lines for the show were inevitably about the trials of both the football team and its members (this was a kid’s show after all) a fair amount of focus was also given to Jossy Blair. Indeed it is the plotlines that centred around him that I seem to recall most for some reason, including his run-ins with the manager of a rival youth team, opening up a sports shop and his attempts at wooing a local councillor.

The show was created by Sid Waddell, better known as a TV darts commentator, and whilst it was a very popular series it surprisingly only managed to rack up 10 episodes spread over 2 series. I must admit I thought there were far more episodes than this, so I guess it must have been repeated a few times.

Like so many kids shows back then, Jossy’s Giants had a very memorable theme song. If you don’t remember it, then watch the following clip and I’m sure it’ll come flooding back.

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