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Clip Ons

Posted by Big Boo on March 8th, 2010

clip on toysToday’s post is all about a toy which my sister collected when we were kids. We always referred to them as Clip Ons, though whether they went by any other name I no longer recall. The basic Clip On was a little furry toy that had two arms that clasped together. When you pressed on the shoulders the arms opened and the toy could then be clipped on to other narrow objects.

Clip Ons came in all sorts of guises, and my sister’s collection was extensive. Some were just little animals like rabbits or bears in various colours (be they realistic looking greys and browns or brightly coloured variations), but you could also get pretty much anything you care to think of.

Whilst some were fairly generic, such as clowns, dolls, snowmen or Father Christmas, others were created in the form of well known cartoon characters. Amongst my sister’s collection she had Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, The Get Along Gang, E.T. and many more. In total she had around 130 of them, surprisingly no two of which were the same.

clip ons get along gangHow did she build up such a large collection? Well, most were amassed during our holidays to the seaside. The little gift shops at British seaside towns used to be a treasure trove of things such as these, and my sister used to scour the shelves of each and every one we came across looking for another different Clip On to add to her collection, which she displayed in her bedroom hanging from a number of cords.

Impressive though her collection was, it has to be said that I think several of the character tie in ones were far from officially licensed. Whilst some were very accurate representations, others could only be construed as being a little mutated looking, which was fine I suppose if it was a Ninja Turtle…

Surprisingly this type of toy seems to have stopped being made these days, and I can’t really see a reason why this should be, especially considering how eager companies seem to be to cash in on cartoon and film characters in whatever way they can. Surely a Clip On Harry Potter or Spongebob Squarepants would sell, wouldn’t it?

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