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Jelly Shoes

Posted by Big Boo on April 2nd, 2010

jelly shoesOver the years there have been many fashion ideas which when you hear them described to you sound ridiculous and wholly improbable that anyone would want to wear. Jelly shoes are a good example. A shoe made of brightly coloured rubber. Doesn’t exactly sound that promising, does it?

However, Jelly Shoes did become incredibly popular during the eighties for several reasons. Firstly, the range of bright colours available worked well with the other colourful fashions available at the time, but secondly, and probably most importantly for many, they were inexpensive. Jelly Shoes could be picked up for just a couple of pounds, meaning they were ideal for their target audience of youn, cash strapped teenage girls.

The rubber used to make the shoes was normally brightly coloured, but it was also normally transparent, so completely clear shoes were possible (but you really should have had nice looking feet in order to wear these!). The rubber was often also full of glitter, which often further increased their appeal.

Being rubber they were a very good choice for wearing to the beach, since they were easy to slip on and off, and it didn’t matter if they got wet when paddling in the sea, as they would soon dry off afterwards.

Jelly Shoes are still widely available today, and can be bought in a surprising array of styles. The more familiar flat slip on shoe has now been joined by Sandals, Flip Flops, Lace ups and even High Heeled and Platform varieties.

I can only assume though that girls feet must be different to boys, and must be less prone to sweating. Last Summer I got myself a pair of the Jelly Shoes more recent popular cousin, the Crocs, but having worn them on a hot day I’m not proud to say that my feet were both incredibly sweaty and covered in dust that got in through all the little holes in the side.

How do you girls wear these things without ending up with feet that should have a public safety notice attached to them?

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