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Street Hawk – Complete DVD Box Set

Posted by Big Boo on April 9th, 2010

Street Hawk dvdThere’s nothing like the evidence of numbers to make you feel old. Classic 80s superbike show Street Hawk is now 25 years old (say a quarter of a century and that sounds even worse!), but has finally made its way onto DVD so we can all relive those heady thrills of running round in the back garden pretending to ride a motorbike at 300mph!

The DVD box set contains 4 discs which hold the pilot episode of the series and all 12 regular episodes. Also included is an alternative version of the pilot where Street Hawk is equipped with a different weapon, a wide selection of photographs from the show, biographes and a documentary about the show featuring Rex Smith (who played Street Hawk’s rider Jesse Mach), Joe Regalbuto (who was Norman Tuttle, the bikes designer) and Jeannie Wilson (who played Rachel Adams, Jesse’s co-worker in the police PR department).

The episodes themselves, which is obviously the most important part of the DVD, seem to be a good quality image considering the age of the show now. Sadly there are no episode commentaries, but again that’s probably understandable. It’s not only fun watching this show again as a trip down memory lane, but also to see how many actors you can recognise from other films and TV series.

Christopher Lloyd turns up in the pilot episode playing a really nasty villain (which seems so unlike Mr. Lloyds other roles, but he’s really quite convincing) and so does Robert Beltran, who went on to play Commander Chakotay on Star Trek Voyager. Another very famous face that pops up in one episode is a very young looking George Clooney, who plays an old friend of Jesse Mach’s. I actually found him quite hard to identify due to his floppy haircut.

The documentary is well worth a watch and demonstrates that the stars of the show obviously really enjoyed working on the show, and perhaps even feel a little bitter about its early cancellation. The story related is that the show was intended to be shown on Monday nights at 8pm, which was apparently a great time for a show to build popularity and go on to a good run. When it came to it though, the TV executives gave the slot to another show, and Street Hawk ended up in the ratings hell of a Friday at 9pm slot. Apparently the show which was chosen for the 8pm slot bombed, and was replaced by MacGyver, which ran for ages.

The photo galleries present are pretty much what you would expect, a series of promotional shots from the show, although there is one rather nice assortment showing how one of the Street Hawk bikes was bought by a motorcycle stunt rider from the UK and was restored to its former glory. There’s one very funny photo of Street Hawk sat in a typical British back yard, parked on the patio with some wooden trellis work running up the side of the house behind it.

All in all the Street Hawk DVD Box Set is a must have for any fan of the show, and if you’ve never heard of it before but enjoyed shows like Knight Rider or Airwolf then I think you’ll really enjoy it. The RRP is perhaps a little steep for a show of this age (£39.99) but you can pick it up on online for much less if you shop around.

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