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Big TVs On Wheels At School

Posted by Big Boo on May 7th, 2010

wooden-televisionToday schools seem to be brimming with technology, with even primary schools having several computers, TVs, video recorders and those fancy-shmanchy electronic white boards. In the eighties we thought ourselves lucky (and we were!) if we had one BBC Micro for the entire school and a single big TV on wheels.

Did your school have one of these? The big TV was sat on a massive wheeled stand, and was contained in a wooden cabinet with two doors that covered the screen. If your school was lucky the stand also housed a video recorder, which none of the teachers seemed to have the foggiest idea how to operate, so the class was left for ten minutes yelling what needed to be done whilst the teacher fiddled about, called another teacher, who fiddled some more before giving up and then calling the one teacher in the school who actually did know how to use it, and promptly did exactly what the children had been saying to do.

Everyone used to look forward to seeing the TV set appear, both because of the high spirits that occured whilst waiting for the teachers to get their act together, and also because it meant you were going to be allowed to watch one of those programmes for schools and colleges instead of doing some real work!

Sometimes the big TV also doubled as the afore mentioned BBC Micro’s monitor, which was even more fun as it required the teacher to work out how to connect up and start a computer, which was guaranteed to be even more fun that seeing them struggle to work a VCR.