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Rebuy on DVD?

Posted by Big Boo on June 5th, 2010

Last week’s survey was about when you last rented a movie (whether on videotape or on DVD) so I thought this week I’d go with a similar theme and ask about your habits with buying DVDs, specifically when it comes to rebuying a film on DVD which you already own on videotape.

Have you gone out and bought most of your video collection again on DVD? Have you bought a few select favourites or none at all, and still watch your old tapes? Vote below with what you consider to be the most appropriate answer.

And if you’re keeping up with technology, have you rebought a film on Blu-ray (or download) which you previously rebought on DVD which was in turn a repurchase of an old videotape? 😉

Approximately how many of your old pre-recorded videos would you say you've rebought on DVD?
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