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Did You Care For A Care Bear?

Posted by Big Boo on June 19th, 2010

One of the post popular girls toys from the early eighties were Care Bears, who were a group of pastel coloured bears who lived up in the clouds and kept an eye on the people of Earth to make sure they kept on caring for each other.

OK, it sounds a bit sickly sweet as an adult perhaps, but for a generation of kids these were the must have toys for a period of their life.

The main range of toys divided into two groups. First there were the large cuddly toy versions, like a cute fluffy teddy bear but with an emblem embroidered on its white tummy. The other, more affordable range were the smaller plastic action figures, which also had a number of accessories including a car they could ride in and a sort of castle in the clouds.

So, this weeks survey then. Let us know if you owned any of the Care Bear toys?

Did you own a Care Bear?
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