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Alphabet Sweets

Posted by Big Boo on July 5th, 2010

Sweet AlphabetOK, so there’s really no such thing as a sweet that’s good for your teeth, but there are certainly some sweets which are a great deal worse for your teeth than others. Chewy toffees such as Toffo are dangerous if you have a lot of fillings or weak teeth, and I’m sure that as much as I love them, Popping Candy and Sherbet Fountains are little more than packets of instant tooth decay.

Today’s post is about those hard candy alphabet sweets that were bad for your teeth simply because they were so hard you really had to suck them for ages before you could bite into them. However, the urge to crunch them up was just so strong that you couldn’t resist, even though you knew you could easily break a tooth in the process.

Made from a similar type of stuff as those white Sweet Cigarettes (or Candy Sticks as we have to call them these days) these candy letters came in various colours and depicted every capital letter in the alphabet. Admittedly any letter that had a hole in it (e.g. A, D, O, P etc.) was missing the hole, so they weren’t always shaped correctly, but then you were going to be eating them rather than using them to do your spelling homework, so it wasn’t really a problem.

You don’t see them around much now, but you can still buy them in larger bags (which could in theory last you for months if you sucked them all individually) but I distinctly remember buying them in a little cardboard cube which was styled like a childs building block, with different letters on each face. I wonder if you can still get them like this?