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Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas

Posted by Big Boo on July 9th, 2010

Cabbage Patch Kids KoosaThe Cabbage Patch Kid doll was one of the biggest toy lines of the 1980’s, despite the fact most adults thought they looked more ugly than cute. Kids loved them though, and they were a much sought after item for Christmas in 1983, the year of their launch.

Whilst Cabbage Patch Kids were still at the height of their fame, it was decided to expand the Cabbage Patch family into the animal kingdom, and so along came the Koosa. These were, if I remember correctly, marketed as pets for the Cabbage Patch Kids.

The main selling point of the original dolls was that each doll was unique, and this concept was carried across to the Koosas. The Koosas came in various fur colours with different head hair styles and different colour eyes. They were also notionally different types of animals, with some looking more like cats, some like dogs and some like bears, but whatever they looked like they were all officially referred to as just Koosas.

My sister had one (she named it Kandy Koosa) to accompany her Cabbage Patch Kid (Melissa Missy, if you’re interested), which I seem to recall looked fairly similar to the one in the above image. Being the good older brother that I am, I used to provide voices for both these dolls during car journeys and other times of boredom, which I’m sure my Mum and Dad found highly irritating…

And in case you think I’m making all this up, and that the accompanying image is just an example of a particularly hairy and extra ugly Cabbage Patch Kid, then here’s further proof of their existence – a US TV ad for them. Apparently the Koosa is also some kind of good luck charm, making you unbeatable at Draughts (sorry, it’s a US ad – I mean Checkers) and better at darts than Eric Bristow…